Nosa Obaseki is a Toronto based actor who grew up in Nigeria. In 1998, Nosa started a film career as a “Production Assistant."Aspiring to become an actor, Nosa took a leap of faith, and in 2001 Nosa got his first role in a film titled “Brave Soldier.”Subsequently, as a Nollywood actors, Nosa landed roles in films like: “Love” “Missing Angel 2” “Sleep Walker” Emerald” Agbawu” “Okina” “Obama.” And in 2015 he got a lead role staring as (Bayo Franklyn) in a feature film “Saving Dreams.” Written and Directed by Isioro T. Jaboro.

Martin Lindquist is a Toronto based Actor who grew up in the Rocky Mountains of BC, Canada. Martin began his Professional Acting journey in September of 2001. After moving to Toronto in 2005 Martin has gained a wide range of experiences within Theatre, Film and TV. Martin most recently appeared on “Suits”, “Rogue”, “Surviving Evil”,and played Lead roles in a Feature Films “Saving Dreams”.

Karen Simpson born and raised in Mississauga. Karen has always had a love for the arts both visual and theatrical. Karen started her first stage play as Physique in the stage play Heads & Tails, and continue to land roles in several different plays such as "The Role Model”, A Gift For Mom." A year ago, Karen took a leap of faith, quit her  job and decided to take acting full time. This landed her, her very first role as (Brenda Jackson) in the feature film "Saving Dreams."

Cai Gallant is a Canadian-born actress and singer, starting her career during high school with many theatre and improvisational programs, as well as the production of several songs. Cai enrolled in the Musical Theatre Programs, where she appeared in several musical productions, including “Little Women” and “Oklahoma”. And in 2015, she landed a role in a featured length production “Saving Dreams” Written and Directed by Isioro T. Jaboro.

Beverley is making her movie debut in True Sail Productions film “Saving Dreams” as Sister Monica. Prior to that she did a short film production for a Banquet Hall in the greater Toronto area. Having a strong background in interior styling, Beverley ran her own interior decor company in the greater Toronto area for many years with renowned custom home builders and appeared in the television show Real Reno’s on HGTV. Dedication and love of acting has inspired Beverley to study at Armstrong Acting Studios in Toronto. 

Olivia Gaskin, since her early teen years has had a passion for acting. She started off in small school and community plays. Over the years, she took on a huge interest in writing scripts and short stories. To advance her acting career, she worked in theater and short film projects. Olivia also played extras in music videos and in television shows. She then got involved in an exciting role for a web series called Apartment 78, and played the role (Rochelle). Recently Olivia completed a role in an independent feature film titled: “Saving Dreams,” staring as (Sade). 

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