A dramatic thriller based on real life events comes this compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that hopes and leap of faith can have on marriages, friendships, and dreams. Brenda Jackson (Karen Simpson) has the talent to become a great singer. But her other dreams interfere with her following that path. When she meets Steve Reeds (Martin Lindquist) she seems to have hit the jackpot—he has it all and he promises to introduce her to people in the music biz. Yet as time goes on, after their marriage, the promises fade and abuse become the norm. He even forbids her to sing around the house.Then surprisingly, he asks her to sing at a fundraiser for his new foundation. There, she is profoundly shocked to learn that his foundation helps abused women and children around the world.


He is more powerful than she imagined! She finds it difficult to sing but somehow manages to wow the audience with her angelic voice. At that banquet, she meets Bayo Franklyn, (Nosa Obaseki) a music producer who gives her his card. Soon after, she finds herself pregnant. She hopes her pregnancy will soften her husband’s attitude toward her, but he kicks her down the stairs, causing a miscarriage. When she returns home from the hospital, she finds him with another woman (Cai Gallant). She takes that opportunity to make her escape. Now on her own, she starts a new life and reconnects with Bayo. He tries to convince her to make a demo. Brenda finds it hard to believe in herself, but with Bayo’s support, she begins to work on her singing.


Brenda’s song becomes a hit. Bayo asks her to marry him, but she is still tied to the devil Reeds. He refuses to sign the divorce papers and offers her a humiliating choice. In desperation, Brenda buys a gun. Things don’t go as planned when Brenda confronts Reeds, but she manages to turn things around and forces him to give her half his assets. Relieved, Brenda and Bayo make plans for their wedding, but Reeds has one more secret in his sick arsenal that may pierce their future happiness forever.